Wednesday, June 17, 2009

CONFIRMED: JSS Turned the BIG 0-9!

Celebrating #9--Mythbusters-style!

Our resident Jamie,
fearless leader of this party
consisting of 14 kids and
a LOT of grown-ups!
Our resident Adams--
yes, plural.

Grandpa led the paper folding myth
beginning with a sheet of typing paper
and getting progressively larger until
the ginormous blue tarp!
JDS led the Buttered Bread myth.
Here COS tests the myth with her
sweet little friend, Ashton, waiting for her turn.
Then it was present-opening time...

...followed by a hot dog and chip lunch.
The oh-so-happy b'day boy!
AMS led this icy challenge--
Which team can get their toy free
from the block of ice in the shortest amount
of time?  Even all of the adults played along!
G'ma and Aunt Angie's team showing off their 
newly de-iced toy.
Simon led the Walking On Water myth,
which the kids LOVED because it
got them so dirty!

Simon led the granddaddy of them all--
the Mentos/Diet Coke experiment,
which went off with a BANG!

JSS made the biggest impact with his...
a rocket!  The thing went at least 30 feet
into the air and got huge oohs
& ahhhs from the spectators, 
who got to enjoy partially melted cake 
and ice cream while they 
watched the show from our driveway.

Grand finale myth...
Which works better on a slip & slide,
knees or stomach?
(Great way to clean up the kids 
before their parents arrived, too!)

Monday, June 1, 2009

A Family Project a LONG TIME COMING

A hearty THANK  YOU to all those who have helped us these past YEARS in felling our trees!  You will be especially glad to see the photos at the end of this post.  :)

Until then, a LOT of yard work has been going on at Casa Smith lately.  Here are some of those highlights.

(we really do miss the trees)
(several years later...and yes, that is G'pa)
And finally...
drum roll please...
the "afters"!!!!

This tree literally was rotting from the inside out!
See that hole in the trunk?  
It extended all the way down into the stump,
which not only was rotted, 
but had water sitting in the hole!

(Stump grinding to happen this coming weekend,
weather permitting.)