Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Peppering in some hope...one meal at a time

In loving memory of our sweet Jude
Feb. 11, 1999 - April 12, 2001

Thanks to EVERYONE who participated in Chili's annual fundraiser benefitting St. Jude's Children's Hospital and their fight against childhood cancers.  We were blessed to hear of friends and family from all over (even those traveling!) getting groups together both small and large for lunch or dinner at a local Chili's.  And we had one of our largest groups to date...31!...join us at our neighborhood Chili's restaurant.

TOP:  AMS's finished Chili's shirt (check out her quote:  "Jesus has the answer; He's bigger than the cancer...in you.")
2nd DOWN:  JSS's almost completed decorated Chili's shirt
3rd DOWN:  COS's shirt was so long and narrow that it was a knee length dress on her!
BOTTOM:  JDS's shirt, which he finished as we walked out the door : )

"It's for the kids!" Part 2


JSS not only met his goal of $664 for his popcorn sales (to equal his participation fee in scouts for the year), he EXCEEDED IT!   Thank you so much for your part in his success!  God allowed him to meet his goal...in 3 days!  

He has since made a new goal (personal one) of $1000 and he is within a $100 of that goal.  He walks the neighborhood going door-to-door in his scouting uniform and our neighbors respond as generously as all of you have!  We are truly blessed to be surrounded by so many loving people, you included!

THANK YOU for blessing him so fully!

Monday, September 22, 2008

"It's for the kids!"

JSS joined Cub Scouts this year, just like his Daddy did when he was little and his Uncle David did when *he* was little!  His enthusiasm (and loose front tooth) are evident in the above photo, in which JSS is holding his Cub Scout fundraising brochure.  (Don't get that sinking feeling just yet...PLEASE read on!) 

Long story short, he needs to sell $664 of popcorn to meet his participation fee for the Cub Scouts.   Below is a photo of the inside of the brochure he is holding with a list below each page of the popcorn listed on that page and it's price.  

Will you PLEASE consider helping JSS meet his $664 goal?  
There are three ways in which you can do this:

1.  Buy some popcorn from him.  Below are photos of the inside of the brochure he is holding with a list following each page describing each item.
2.  Don't really like popcorn?  Then would you consider supporting him by donating the $25 popcorn in a tin which will be send to the troops instead?
3.  Skip the popcorn process altogether and support him directly with a financial gift so that he can meet his "personal participation fee" of $186 for the year. 

Please email your order to ericka@saintdepraved.com A.S.A.P.  Please include your name, street address, phone or email and the quantity of each item you would like to order.  I will reply email you confirming your order and letting you know to whom you make out your check and mail it to so that Jesse gets the credit for the sale.  He only has a couple of weeks in which to raise the funds to participate, so please don't delay.  

From top left:
1.  "Say Cheese!"  It's the cheesiest.  3-way tin.  Lip smackin' gourmet cheddar cheese popcorn (2 bags) and super-delicious white cheddar cheese popcorn.  21 oz.  $30

2.  "Get your kicks with our mix!"  Peanuts, cranberries, raisins, M&M's, almonds and cashews.  A high voltage source of energy.  A must for every activity, from mountain climbing to watching t.v.  Enjoy!  20 oz.  $25

3.  "Gotta have my chocolate!"  Chocolatey, caramel crunch.  Caramel and chocolatey goodness plus the crunchiness you love, all in one tasty morsel.  It's the best thing ever from the Trail's End kitchens.  24 oz.  $18

4.  "Our butter makes it better!"  15 pack unbelievable butter microwave.  A butter flavor second to none.  Unbelievably dee-lish!  $15

5.  "Turn on this light!"  15 pack butter light microwave.  Everything you want and nothing you don't.  Fewer calories, less sodium, all the taste of great butter flavor.  $15

6.  "Caramel & peanuts...YES!"  Our original caramel corn with caramel glazed peanuts.  New Scout tin celebrates the upcoming 100th anniversary of scouting in the U.S.A.  9.5 oz.  $10

7.  "Support our Military"  Buy popcorn for the troops.  You can donate a gift of popcorn to those serving their country.  Our men and women in uniform thank you!  $25

8.  "Chocolate Heaven"  5-way chocolate lover's tin.  Hmmmm!   Chocolatey caramel crunch, white chocolatey caramel crunch, chocolatey pretzels, white chocolatey pretzels, chocolatey peanut clusters.  88 oz.  $50

9.  "Chocolate!  Caramel!  Cheese!"  Savory and sweet 3-way tin.  Score a 3-pointer!  Chocolatey caramel crunch--the world's best caramel corn with almonds pecans and cashews--and gourmet cheese corn.  50 oz.  $40

10.  "Go Nuts!"  Gourmet Caramel corn with almonds, pecans and cashews.  The world's best caramel corn in a tin that celebrates 100 years of U.S. Scouting.  23 oz.  $18

11.  "Lighten Up"  Caramel corn LIGHT.  Super taste, reduced sugar, low fat, butter toffee flavor--in a gorgeous tin that honors the traditions of Scouting.  18 oz.  $18

12.  "Country Fair Favorite"  15 pack Kettle corn.  Sweet 'n salty, munchy ad crunchy.  Bit 15 pack microwave, full of old-fashioned flavor.  $18

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The view from down here...

Neat thing happened our second week into school that really helped my focus (see previous post)...my back went out.  Nothing helps you to see more clearly what's most important than when you're flat on your back (see above photo for my view for the past few weeks--how's that for perspective?).  Ironically, we believe we've just had our most fruitful first month in the history of our school!  And since it would be impossible to sit here and recount to you all of the ways God has been active in our homeschooling (the sitting isn't so good for my back), I thought I'd do a pictorial of our first month of school and let those that think a picture is worth a thousand words, enjoy my essay.  

JDS at the Dallas Museum of Art.   
The subject of the deep thought is left up to your imagination, 
but note the mosaic behind his behind.
JSS working on a frieze (relief sculpture) as his first project.
JSS's first week of school was also his first week as a Cub Scout.  : )
Wire-sculpting.  We covered it with paper mache instead of hammered steel 
and then painted it copper for a fabulous "hammered steel" finish!
Learning to "throw a pot" our first week of school!
AMS getting ready to work concessions at an SMU Game 
as an AWANA fundraiser for Summit in April.
COS's idea of what "Beth" from Little Women dressed like.  : )
Someone getting ready to lose his first tooth...FINALLY!!!!  (front left)
Our "ark of the covenant" complete with the angels' wings covering their faces.
COS's "showbread table" set up in our life-size tabernacle.  
JSS's "lampstand" for our tabernacle.  Look closely and you will see the 7 points.
In front of one of Alexander Calder's actual mobiles 
(an artist that JSS loved studying that week and practicing his techniques) 
at the Nasher Sculpture Center, a field trip Dad conducted solo (thankfully!)
since my back prohibited me from joining in on the fun.
One of Degas' beautiful ballerinas (one of COS's favorite artsists) 
has come to life for her second ballet lesson!
A young mathematician in the making!  
(She named math as her favorite subject, 
not realizing that KONOS really *is* school.)
Our budding sculptor at work...
chiseling a storm troopers mask, of course.  

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Focus, Focus, Focus

This will be a quick post as it truly is just to share my epiphany following our first week back-to-school and that is FOCUS is important!  

Long story short, when you commit to home educating your children, you need for that to be your focus.  When you get your eyes off of that, you get side-tracked much like when you are driving and something catches your attention on the side of the road and before you realize it you're veering off in the direction your eyes are focused upon.  

(Of course, God should be your MAIN focus, but I am referring to the myriad of things that compete for your time & attention outside of that most important relationship.)

My very wise in-laws shared this gem of advice with us when our oldest were little ones:  There are a lot of GOOD things out there...what we need to remember is to focus on the BEST.