Tuesday, April 27, 2010

AWANA Grand Prix 2010: Girlie Perspective

AWANA Grand Prix 2010: A Boy's Joy

JSS won 3rd place for speed!
He wanted desperately to win for SPEED this year,
so this was an excellent Grand Prix from JSS's perspective!!

DMA Family Workshop: Photography

Ironically, photography was not allowed in the gallery because we visited a traveling exhibit and no photography was permitted. It was a delightful exhibit and at one point the instructors had the kids in the class all pose as specific people in the work we were focusing on, which was FABULOUS! Wish I could have gotten a picture of it. :(

The box in some of the photos is a pin-hole camera that one of our instructors made for each child taking the class. He is planning to develop them by next month's class. Fun!

Side note: All three instructors were excited at the possibility of having JDS and AMS volunteer with them. JDS has been talking about getting an Art History degree, so this would be FABULOUS for him in seeing some of what people with those degrees DO for a living. AMS is just excited to be a part of something so artsy, her loving photography so much. My dad would be so excited to know she shares his hobby.

Teeny Peek at Prom 2010

Museum of Nature & Science Field Trip

I hope you enjoy these pics from our class at the MNS. After the class, we got to spend the rest of the day (fee free!) at the museums and even enjoyed a picnic!

AMS graced us with her company and served as official photographer, so MOST of these pics are her "vision" of our trip. I am a BIG fan of her photography!