Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bicycle Rodeo!

All of the above pics were taken on my camera phone, which is why the quality is poorer than normal. We were charging the batteries on cameras for Job's first gig, which was that night.

This bicycle rodeo was walking distance from my sister's house, free of charge and a great way to spend a good part of our day last Saturday! Not only did JSS and COS get their bikes professionally looked at/adjusted/fixed/etc., but the leaders actually said we could bring our other bikes up there for the same treatment! After a brief Chick Fil A lunch, we brought our other four bikes up and by the end of the Bicycle Rodeo, all six of our bikes were repaired/adjusted to proper working order AND JSS and COS each won door prizes, to boot!

Great way to spend Simon's last day at home for 2 weeks, for the following morning he left for NJ on business.