Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bicycle Rodeo!

All of the above pics were taken on my camera phone, which is why the quality is poorer than normal. We were charging the batteries on cameras for Job's first gig, which was that night.

This bicycle rodeo was walking distance from my sister's house, free of charge and a great way to spend a good part of our day last Saturday! Not only did JSS and COS get their bikes professionally looked at/adjusted/fixed/etc., but the leaders actually said we could bring our other bikes up there for the same treatment! After a brief Chick Fil A lunch, we brought our other four bikes up and by the end of the Bicycle Rodeo, all six of our bikes were repaired/adjusted to proper working order AND JSS and COS each won door prizes, to boot!

Great way to spend Simon's last day at home for 2 weeks, for the following morning he left for NJ on business.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Young Eagles take FLIGHT

Eight is GREAT!

COS turned 8 this month and to celebrate
she planned the whole day with her family.

Like Mommy, like darling lil' daughter.

Here are some pictorial highlights.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Celebrations, Part 2

Amanda & David's neighbor put on a private
fireworks display over his lake on their acreage
for his own family - and theirs!

A fun-filled 4th with our family in East Texas
wouldn't be complete without a small town parade!
Here are some highlights:

After lunch, we went on our first
geocaching experience, which
led us down this fabulous country road...
straight to a cemetery!
Amanda discovered the cache in a tree!

After the Erickson's neighbor's fireworks
display, we went back to the cabin to
shoot off some of our own -
and a LOT of sparklers -
with the little kids.
GREAT memories!
You can really sense the movement in this one,
with a car driving by (we shot them off in the road),
Dad, G'pa and JSS readying the next firecracker
and COS dancing around with her sparkler.

This was as the last firecracker was fading -
what a serendipitous moment I happened to catch
when JSS turned to give his Dad a Hi-5!
I LOVE it!!

Shooting poppers off the cabin's porch the next day...

...as we enjoyed some cold watermelon
and out of this world company!