Saturday, September 12, 2009

Support our Troop(er)!

Would you please look over the following brochure
and/or read through the descriptions
that follow and email us at
with an order to support our little

True story: Within an hour of receiving
his forms, this little guy was pounding
the pavement in the pouring rain going
door-to-door so that he could raise enough
money to cover his participation in Weebelos
this year.

Will you please consider helping him?
Top Row:
Buy Popcorn for Our Troops
You can donate a gift of popcorn to those serving our country at two levels this year. $25/silver level or $40/gold level

Chocolate Heaven (in a Chocolate Lover's Tin)
One-stop shopping for the king of sweets. Three ways to fall in love again. Chocolatey Triple Delight (2 bags), Chocolatey Pretzels, White Chocolatey Pretzels, 72 oz. total. $50

Chocolate! Caramel! Cheese! (in a holiday tin)
Savory & Sweet 3-way winter-themed tin. Chocolatey Triple Delight, Gourmet Caramel Corn with Almonds, Pecans and Cashews, Melt-in-your-mouth Gourmet Cheese Corn, 44 oz. total. $40

Middle Row:
Say "Cheese!"
The cheesiest 3-way tin with lip-smakin', finger-lickin' cheddar cheese popcorn (2 bags) and scrumptious white cheddar cheese popcorn. 21 oz. total. $30

Trails End Mix
The Gourmet blend...mmmmm! Raisins, cranberries, almonds, walnuts, yogurt cranberries, yogurt raisins. 18 oz. total. $25

Layers of Luxury
Smooth and Mouth-Watering chocolatey goodness with butter toffee glaze and yogurt drizzle. 18 oz. total. $18

Go Nuts!
Gourmet caramel corn with almonds, pecans and cashews. The world's best! An "awesome" blend of caramel-glazed premium nuts and golden caramel corn. 23 oz. total. $18

Bottom Row:
Lighten Up!
Butter Toffee Caramel Corn Light. Less is more with our crunchy, savory butter toffee flavor caramel corn but with reduced sugar and low fat. 18 oz. $18

Unbelievably Buttery!
15-pack Unbelievable Butter Microwave. Buttery flavor second to none. Unbelievably Dee-lish! $15

The Light of Your Life!
15-pack Butter Light microwave. The flavor you want and nothing you don't. Fewer calories, less sodium, all the taste of a great butter microwave. $15

Original Caramel Corn
Still great! Why change a good thing! Delicious gourmet caramel corn. 8 oz. $10

Note: We are selling to those that live locally or that we will see over Thanksgiving. For those that live farther away, would you please consider either of the tax-deductible military donations?

Order forms will be turned in the last week of October. Delivery is after November 7th.