Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tremendous Accomplishments

JSS's Cub Scout Pack celebrated the boys' accomplishments last night at their end of the year Award Ceremony. Aunt Angie and Cousin Sara were able to join the six of us as we hooted and hollered for our young achiever.

Below: When the Bear Den passed over
the bridge into the WEBELOS 1 Den,
the new WEBELOS 2 Den (JSS's) help
by giving them their new neckerchiefs, slides
and colors to wear on their sleeve of their
uniform, on which all of their "badges"
(which are really pins) will go once they are earned.
(FYI...you can earn a total of 20 and in his
first year, JSS earned a whopping 13!!)

Below: JSS's cheering section
(yes, his was the loudest)

Below: Captain Awesome himself (Forrest)
was surprised by a token of the WEBELOS 1
Den's thankfulness for his stellar service.
There was a card signed by scouts and parents
alike, as well as a gift certificate to an outdoor store.

Below: My favorite candid moment
of JSS on stage.

Below: JSS receiving his awards for this
last couple of months. My little man
earned a whopping 7 badges, 11 belt loops, his
Compass Points Emblem with first Compass Point and
the World Conservation Award!!!

Below: Being a good listener
during the Cubmaster "Minute"

Below: Forrest and fellow Boy Scout (a Saroni)
with the Closing Flag Ceremony

Below: We celebrated afterward at Braum's
until 10 PM!!

We are SOOOOO proud of you, JSS!!!!

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Vera @ Cozy Little Cabin said...

Woohoo! Tell him Grandpa & I are so very, very proud of him, too!!!!

I agree - the candid shot on stage is my favorite, too!

Glad it was a stellar great time of celebrating!