Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tree Hugging

We started a five-week study on Stewardship, focusing on ecology & conservation this first week and nutrition, exercise, rest & fun the last four weeks (which will be just one blog at the end, most likely).  I can hear you asking already...What does a unit study on ecology & conservation look like?  Enjoy!

To conserve gas, we spent time at a park near the 
big kids' Drop-&-Pay classes instead of driving 
back home, then up to pick them up again, 
then back home...I guess you could also 
look at it as a sneak peek 
into the next four weeks!  :)

COS working the monkey bars...a first for her!
The kids enjoyed trying to beat their
personal records for jumping out
of their swings.
COS drew a target on the ground in order 
to help her land exactly where she wanted.
More target practice for COS.
Recycling our clothing!
COS collected 4 bags to donate!
JSS collected 2 bags of his own 
clothing to donate!
The kids made a trip up to our church's
donation box for the clothes closet.  What a
blessing to find it already full from other people
who wanted to recycle their OWN clothing!
A field trip with other home schoolers mid-week
to a fisheries center an hour and a half away.
This was a huge highlight of the week as we enjoyed
learning about the wetlands there, saw a dive show...

...went on a tram tour of the fisheries...

(come on now...those are EXCELLENT Smith 
genes, are they not?!?)
(still the tram both kids in this photo)
On our wetlands hike
(It was in the 40's.)
"First Fish" awards went to MOM...
(I still cannot believe I actually caught a fish!)

...and COS!
This is her first catch, which big bro
helped her release.
Her second catch found her
brave enough to hold it up
long enough for this photo.
Then JSS got it, unhooked it and
released the thing to go back to it's Mama.

We gals were SOOO THANKFUL
to have our man with us to do all
of the yucky stuff...which he loved!
JSS finally reeled one in himself just before
it was time for us to head home...
an hour later than planned!  
What a fun day!
(NOT his first catch like it was ours,
but still rather exciting to our outdoorsman.)

Getting the neighbors involved in 
our personal recycling efforts.

They, of course, already recycle.

But were gracious and kind enough
to let us help them... picking up theirs...

...and transporting it to the recycling center.

The kids had a BLAST recycling and
were diligent workers...

...even helping a lady who'd come to
recycle her papers.  She was so
blessed by their help that she
gave JSS crayons and COS 
a collection of dolls she'd made
as a thank-you to them!  
She was en route to donate them,
but recycled them to US instead!

Who says recycling doesn't pay?

COS sang, "Recycling is FUN" while
I took this picture of her hanging off 
the recycling bin...literally!

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