Wednesday, February 4, 2009

N.E.R.F.: Week #1 (Nutrition)

N.E.R.F.=Nutrition, Exercise, Rest, Fun
Week #1 focused on Nutrition.  We based this week loosely on the Food Pyramid, taking one major food group per day to study working from the bottom, up.  That meant that day 1 focused on whole grains & rice.  We made risotto with shrimp for lunch, our first of MANY new dishes to try this week.  :)  We visited the market daily to buy fresh ingredients, so we chose our risotto out of a large bin at Whole Foods & got the rest of the ingredients there, as well.

I love this photo because you can see how much 
the freshly cut onions
are bothering poor COS's eyes 
while she grates parmesan cheese.  
You can also see JSS in the background 
sauteing the wee culprits.
JSS preparing the shrimp for our dish.  
I adore his level of concentration on the task at hand.
COS taking her turn at stirring the risotto.  
It was a pleasant enough dish, but we
have to confess, not worth the bother of 
all the stirring!
Our beautiful creation...made with an
intense labor of love!
Day #2: Vegetables
We made a vegetable soup early in the morning, 
cutting most all of our vegies by hand and
left them to simmer all day in the crockpot,
a home school mom's best friend!

...and AFTER.  MMMMM!
Day #3: Fruits
Making fruit sculptures to decorate &
freshen the air.  :)
We picked up some new "chips" on our visit
to Sprouts.  These are apple chips, which 
most of the kids really enjoyed.
These are the veggie chips, which I thought
were disgusting and JSS loved!  Go figure!
JSS was very sure he wanted to try 2 specific
things:  coconut & pineapple.  Here he
is opening the coconut, the juice of which
he liked, but the insides of which he most
assuredly did not.
While he had a great time turning the
pineapple into something edible,
he thought it too much bother
to repeat when canned pineapple 
tastes the same.  :)  I have to agree.
COS cutting the strawberries for tonight's dinner,
a new dish:  fruit parfait.  
Their Fruit Parfait became an instant family favorite.
Day #4:  Dairy
We visited a total of 4 markets today in search
of unusual dairy products we could try.  Here at 
Whole Foods they were very friendly...
...and we bought a new cheese to sample,
cranberry!  It was delicious on a whole
wheat cracker for snack.

We decided to combine several days for dinner
on Dairy Day.  We had grains (pasta), dairy
(to make the mac & cheese and bits of cheese in the salad),
and vegetables in the form of spinach salad.
Day #5:  Meats & Beans
Dad & I took the kids to visit 
2 butcher shops, both of which
were more than happy to give us
impromptu tours!  God is so gracious!
The first shop was even Christian owned,
printing the gospel on the back of their
business cards.  :)
Enough sights to turn you vegetarian, eh?
A boar in the freezer, waiting to be butchered.
(gulp!)  Can you see the bullet hole????
Selecting some new meat to try out
for lunch & dinner.  They chose buffalo 
hot dogs for lunch and pork & mutton sausage
for dinner, which we used in a casserole.  We also 
shared (all 6 of us) a buffalo burger for brunch.
It was very yummy!!  The place served alligator
burgers, but for some reason had none this day
so we went with the uber lean & healthy buffalo.
Lamb process.
Our impromptu tour guide showing
us where all the magic happens.
Yes, they measure the thickness of their
cuts with rulers, in case you ever wondered
if that sort of thing was eyeballed for thickness.
Our end-of-the-week dinner on Saturday night 
which starred members of ALL of the food groups.
I think this was our first well-rounded meal 
all week.  And after Thursday, we all
felt we should have become lactose intolerant!
This was a welcome sight, as was our special
guest, Great Aunt PJ!

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