Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Learning About the Weather

We made two different barometers as we learned about weather this week: a liquid barometer and an aneroid barometer.  Both measured the air pressure well and we were able to tell when the weather was going to change from fair to poor by simply checking our barometers (see changes in photos below). 

We kept them on the porch,
side by side, so we could check
them both at the same time.
Can you see that the liquid
has risen above our starting mark?
Making our barometers was a lot of fun!
The higher the air pressure, the further
the balloon on our aneroid barometer went into 
the pickle jar, causing the pointer (ie. toothpick)
to point UP on our gauge, reading HIGH pressure (ie. fair weather).
A few days later, the balloon swelled greatly,
indicating an imminent weather change.
Sure enough, it got colder and rained!

Want to make your own?  
We found our ideas online at:

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