Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Animal Birth/Growth (Patience Unit)

JSS & COS enjoying the country life! 

We studied animal birth/growth for two weeks under the KONOS unit of Patience.  Here are some highlights, including a field trip with our local home schooling group to a working ranch about an hour from here.  It poured rain the day before (and sprinkled all morning long), which made for a muddy & memorable time for all of the kids!  They LOVED it!

Here are some highlights from our study, thus far.  Seeing as it's on Patience, there were some things we have yet to be able to do, but we are patiently waiting for them to come to fruition and will post those pics later on.  :)  


Experimenting with eggs...can you tell which is cooked?
These next 6 photos are a series in which
COS learns that she does NOT like boiled eggs!

COS milking a goat for the first time!
JSS (on left) hunting for eggs!  He found a LOT of them!
Animal growth at it's finest, according to the kids...
get it, kids???  Ha, Ha!
Previous study rearing its beautiful head again...
The place was gloriously muddy, perfect for
discovering all kinds of animal tracks (from our Nov. study)!
Can you guess what made this track???
Goat cheese making demonstration!
This was the most glorious-tasting thing I 
think I've ever seen produced start-to-finish!
JSS was game for trying anything new!
He loved the cheese after the second bite!
A family field trip momento in front of the 
rancher family's store, where they sell their goats milk
for $14/gallon and even at that price there
is a long waiting list!  They sell their eggs,
beef, etc., too.
*NOTE:  We had such a stellar time!  It has revitalized in me a need to move out of the city and give the kids room to roam, explore and GROW alongside nature!  God's will, God's timing, God's provision...stay tuned.

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