Thursday, August 20, 2009

Our Little American Girl's Tea Party

COS turned #7 this summer
and we celebrated with her first
ALL GIRL party. Dad, brothers and
even G'pa got outta Dodge for a couple
of hours while we celebrated in style!
COS's "American Girl" dolls, which are
actually "Our Generation" dolls from Target.
They are 1/4 the cost and considering
what happens to their hair, I am
glad we haven't bought "American Girl"
dolls at $100+ per doll!
(I spent 6 hours the day before cleaning
and combing through all 7 dolls hair with
a wig comb & synthetic hair detangler!)
Our beautifully decorated table
included a cup/saucer set for each
girl to take home as a party favor.
The Cracker Jack boxes were leftover
from the 4th of July (supplied by Aunt PJ)
and represented "Molly's" era beautifully.
They served as name card on the table
and party favor when everyone went home.
COS with her Grandma.
COS with her friend from church.
COS with another friend from church.
During the tea party, the girls
shared tips on tea time etiquette
which were printed on small slips
of paper and placed around the table.
They had a GRAND time!
COS picked the colors for her party,
which were primarily blue & red.
COS shaking her bootie during the
book walk, which all the girls
eventually got "into" and danced
like she was! :)
COS's book choice after winning a
round during the book walk.
Each girl went home with 5-7 books!
(FYI...1/2 Price Books clearance
section for $1/book was invaluable!)
COS trying her hand at the pinata,
a la Josephina (COS's favorite
American Girl at the time).
Once they broke the pinata,
it was a frantic kind of fun to get to the
goodies inside! (AMS was actually
called in to finally break the pinata!
The girls got NOWHERE with it after 3 tries!)
Backstage just minutes before the fashion
show began the girls frantically
got their models dressed in the latest styles.
COS modeling her dolls outfit
(and, quite frankly, really working the catwalk)
during the fashion show.
After the fashion show, COS
opened her gifts (all American Girl
doll-related). Pictured here are
COS with some of the outfits that her
G'ma sewed for her dolls! :)
Group shot of the girls with their dolls.

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ame said...

It looks like the best ever American Girl-themed birthday party ever! (And I went to a few back in my day...) Anyway - You are so resourceful using left over goodies from 4th of July - and yet they were so appropriate! Kudos! Wish I could have been there!