Thursday, August 20, 2009

Summer '09

Remember when you were a kid and the first week back to school you were given a writing assignment with a theme along the lines of "What I did this summer?" Well, this blog is a pictorial of that for our family. Hope you enjoy it. We sure did!

JSS, COS and Mom all swam at
our sweet neighbor's pool as
often as we could! Mom
even learned how to sweep a pool!

One of JDS's jobs. He actually got a job at a local
vet clinic in May, but a neighbor also asked him
to do her lawn, so this is him doing that one hot
afternoon. I thought this would be better than my
showing up at the clinic with my camera. :)
AMS also had a babysitting job a lot of the summer.
Unfortunately, I have no photos of that, but she
DID work very faithfully.
More swimming shots to emphasize our point.
They both also began learning to dive this summer,
but I took all those photos on my phone. Sorry.
Got up and close with nature as often as possible.
Went bowling irregularly. This shot was taken
on Father's Day. Simon is so intense...and a
pretty good bowler!
This is one of the only clear shots I got.
Imagine this, the other bowlers don't
appreciate my flash going off while they
are bowling! So, most of our photos are
blurry and not worthy of sharing, unfortunately.
We enjoyed a lot of healthy eats
this summer thanks to the fruits
of Simon's, JSS's and COS's labor
of love in our Patience Garden.

We learned some new outdoor skills at
the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor Family Workshops.
JSS saved up for and bought his very own
bb gun, bb's & target for practice! We bought
the safety goggles as a bonus. :)
He looks like he's practicing to be a sniper in this
photo, but he's just practicing with his target,
which is small and sitting on the ground.
We celebrated a good ol' fashioned 4th of July
with family and friends.
Among other things, we had an egg-toss...
SEVERAL different games involving water
balloons (in 100+ degree heat, it's a given!)...

A sack race (yes, those are garbage bags!)...

Painting clothing to wear to the
fireworks display...
Bobbing for apples...
Some of our favorite folks!
JDS and AMS went to Camp Peniel for
the first time, thanks to the extreme
generosity of their Great Aunt Ellen.
We celebrated a couple of birthdays,
one of which was spent 11 hours in the car!
Look how cheerful she is anyway!
What a blessing!
Learned some new skills at soccer camp,
taught by two professional soccer players!
Practicing said skills...
FYI, JSS won the first drill on the first day
of soccer camp! We were so thrilled for him!
JDS made a Jessica doll to share
his senior year with and her first
outing with us was to celebrate...
G'pa and G'ma's big 40th Wedding
Anniversary dinner at Red Lobster!
We finally got to have our Young Eagles flight!
(Remember that from January!!??)
JSS in the plane he flew for about 25 minutes!
The pilot got him up in the air and landed...
JSS did the rest! He is so elated! Now he
wants to become a missionary pilot!

We acted goofy a LOT!
I love this pic!
Went English Country Dancing the week before
we started back to school and we were thrilled
to have a very special guest with us...

The real, live version of cousin Jessica from B'ham!
She stayed with us the entire week before
we began the 2009-10 school year. What a joy
she is to have around, even if JDS did hog her time.
Spend a lot of time with friends. AMS
went to two Bible studies this summer, as well.
We went a little wild at times.
And did some baking
(JSS also would like to be a chef.)

Back to School Kiwi Lime Pie...
made by JSS!


ame said...

Looks like an incredible summer to remember! I love your new blog design. I"m going to copy you and use the "I love comments" blinky - I hope you don't mind!

VPS said...

What a great summer! Glad we got to share some of it!