Saturday, September 6, 2008

Focus, Focus, Focus

This will be a quick post as it truly is just to share my epiphany following our first week back-to-school and that is FOCUS is important!  

Long story short, when you commit to home educating your children, you need for that to be your focus.  When you get your eyes off of that, you get side-tracked much like when you are driving and something catches your attention on the side of the road and before you realize it you're veering off in the direction your eyes are focused upon.  

(Of course, God should be your MAIN focus, but I am referring to the myriad of things that compete for your time & attention outside of that most important relationship.)

My very wise in-laws shared this gem of advice with us when our oldest were little ones:  There are a lot of GOOD things out there...what we need to remember is to focus on the BEST. 

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