Sunday, September 14, 2008

The view from down here...

Neat thing happened our second week into school that really helped my focus (see previous post) back went out.  Nothing helps you to see more clearly what's most important than when you're flat on your back (see above photo for my view for the past few weeks--how's that for perspective?).  Ironically, we believe we've just had our most fruitful first month in the history of our school!  And since it would be impossible to sit here and recount to you all of the ways God has been active in our homeschooling (the sitting isn't so good for my back), I thought I'd do a pictorial of our first month of school and let those that think a picture is worth a thousand words, enjoy my essay.  

JDS at the Dallas Museum of Art.   
The subject of the deep thought is left up to your imagination, 
but note the mosaic behind his behind.
JSS working on a frieze (relief sculpture) as his first project.
JSS's first week of school was also his first week as a Cub Scout.  : )
Wire-sculpting.  We covered it with paper mache instead of hammered steel 
and then painted it copper for a fabulous "hammered steel" finish!
Learning to "throw a pot" our first week of school!
AMS getting ready to work concessions at an SMU Game 
as an AWANA fundraiser for Summit in April.
COS's idea of what "Beth" from Little Women dressed like.  : )
Someone getting ready to lose his first tooth...FINALLY!!!!  (front left)
Our "ark of the covenant" complete with the angels' wings covering their faces.
COS's "showbread table" set up in our life-size tabernacle.  
JSS's "lampstand" for our tabernacle.  Look closely and you will see the 7 points.
In front of one of Alexander Calder's actual mobiles 
(an artist that JSS loved studying that week and practicing his techniques) 
at the Nasher Sculpture Center, a field trip Dad conducted solo (thankfully!)
since my back prohibited me from joining in on the fun.
One of Degas' beautiful ballerinas (one of COS's favorite artsists) 
has come to life for her second ballet lesson!
A young mathematician in the making!  
(She named math as her favorite subject, 
not realizing that KONOS really *is* school.)
Our budding sculptor at work...
chiseling a storm troopers mask, of course.  

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VPS said...

4 days w/o electricity, but when we figured out how to plug in the 'puter to the generator, your blog is one of the first places I came!

Thanks for the photo journalism - I love it!!! Even in pain, you've done a marvelous job of schooling AND photographing their fabulous educational process & progress. What a joy for this grandma!

I can tell the kids have had a wonderful first month of school and love the comment about COS not realizing KONOS "is" school! With that attitude, she'll become another lifelong learner!!!

Will want pic of JSS in CS uniform as I have one of his dad! Too, too cute! When does he get the yellow/blue neckerchief?

Love the little ballerina! She's a doll!

And you KNOW how we love original art! Please remind our favorite g'children, there's no other gifts from them that we'd enjoy more. How's that for a not too subtle hint?!

OK - gotta' stop breathing in gasoline fumes from the generator & get off the internet. Back to more rustic conditions! Love you . . . praying your back gets much, much better!