Tuesday, April 28, 2009

AWANA Summit--Greensboro, NC (April 2009)

JDS & AMS just hangin' with their peeps...
At b'fast the morning of games with some
from our group.  Can you spot JDS & AMS?
JDS and 4 of his fellow AWANA peeps
were generous enough to play on another
church's team so that they could participate.
What good attitudes!
JDS during one of the games.
AMS practicing her social skills during games.
Lunch on game day.
AMS entered the photography contest...
and not only won BEST OF SHOW for
the above photo, but a gold metal, to boot!
A new friend both JDS and AMS made at Summit.
Simon said she was a VERY SWEET GIRL from NC.
Chillin' in First Class with Dad, the only
photo of him the entire 6 days, en route home.

Meanwhile, in another part of the country (ours!)
JSS and COS enjoyed a camp out with Mom.
We watched two movies on Friday night in our tents.
The only rule was that we could not use electricity.
That means, once it got dark, it was flashlights
all the way...they LOVED it!  :)
JSS created a special dish for the evening...
spaghetti tacos (with rotisserie chicken).
COS concocted a VERY sweet dessert of 
blueberry yogurt, canned pears, giant 
marshmallows & ice cream.  WHEW!
This was us the rest of the night once it
got completely dark outside.

Sweet memories!

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VPS said...

Woohoo! Looks like everyone had lots of fun!

Love all the photos, but especially the last one of COS in flash light glow!

Amd once again - big congrats to Abigial for winning best of show!