Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Responsibility & Generosity (Vol. 2)

JSS earned & saved enough of his OWN MONEY to buy himself a NEW BIKE 
on Monday during Spring Break this year!  
We are so proud of how RESPONSIBLE he is becoming...
and that study doesn't come along until next year when we go through KONOS Vol. 2!
(Side Note:  By Friday, JSS rode his bike around a local BIG lake, 13 miles total!)  

And on a related note, he decided to GENEROUSLY 
give COS his OLD bike, yet another character trait 
we won't cover until we go through KONOS Vol. 2 next year! 
Consequently, she has officially graduated to a two-wheeler...
and she learned to ride it in three days time!
COS, in turn, gave her tricycle and her smaller bike 
with training wheels to her wee little friend, 
Arianna, so that she could enjoy years
of fun on her way to becoming bi-pedal, too!

I guess you could say they are just staying ahead of the 
character-developing curve.  :)

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