Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day! Part 1

We woke to at least 4 inches or so of snow on the ground and it has
been steadily snowing since! All of the kids have ventured out
in the elements to enjoy themselves, but JSS spent over 3 hours
out there this morning and is still going in/out enjoying
this very rare occurrence in Texas this afternoon!

Ridding the yard of dangerous snow Orks

2nd time outside, without her coat!
Can you see this snowflake, Mom?
(yes, those are white gloves she is hoping
I will see her caught snowflake resting upon)
Frequent trips indoors to dry gloves,
socks, shoes and ourselves as a necessity,
as was hot chocolate (see header photo)
and hot apple cider for all. What a delicious day!
Beginning the snowman, one goal in mind...
making one bigger than AMS's largest one was
when she was his age. :)
Simple pleasures...
The ONLY one of us working diligently in the snow
for the biggest and best snowman in all
of recent Smithdom.
Putting the finishing touches on
Snow Dad!
Below is Snow Son (himself)...
Posing with his Snow Peeps...
Trying to keep Snow Dad's hip in place!
And lastly, a beautiful Snow Mom.
I'm honored. :)
Snow ball fight anyone?
COS playing fetch with Elanor,
who goes nuts when there is a snowball
fight, thinking ALL the balls are for HER
to catch and enjoy all by herself.
(See the big chunk of snow in front of the
black Suburban's tire?
That's the snowball mid-flight.)
Dad's rule of thumb:

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Vera said...

Love the snowman/woman & especially the photo of JSS wearing the black cowboy hat by the fire. Is that SLS'?