Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Day #2, with FRIENDS!

JSS and COS each had a friend scheduled to come over to play on Friday, so the snow just added an unexpected and VERY FUN element to their entertainment. I'll just say, kids can be ruthless with the snow balls...and still laugh!

I hope you enjoy these as much as THEY did! (NOTE: Not a single shot was staged. You never heard so much laughter in one day! What a blessed time they all had!)

Above & Below:
Turn about is fair play, eh?

Above & Below:
JSS's friend snuck up on him while he
was checking the ruler he'd left outside the
day before to see how many inches of snow
we got...8 inches in a 24 hour period!!
Payback's a LOT of fun! :)
Girls sharing the ottoman during a grilled
cheese lunch and The Cosby Show.
The boys ate on the floor near the fireplace.
COS and her friend kept picking up chunks
of fluffy snow that you'd think would
weigh enough to topple them!
And then pelt each other with them!
I was mortified when COS pegged her friend
in the face with this one...
until she turned around laughing, saying
her Dad has hit her in the face with snow, too!
One tough, easy-going kid!
The girls got the biggest kick out of
playing fetch with Elanor!
She LOVED chasing snowballs for
hours with them.

COS decided to make a snow angel.

When all the wet, cold fun was over,
the girls decided it would be fun
to tattoo themselves with
COS's stash from her Christmas stocking.
The boys played video games & with nerf dart guns
for a short while, but in the end went
old school with marbles in
front of a warm fire (smart, eh?)...
...and fort-building. These below were
complete with "booby traps," I was told.
JSS's friend went home first at 3.30. The girls
decided to have a tea party and invited
JSS and me to attend, complete with candles
and the chocolate brownie hearts JSS's friend's
mom and sister brought to us for Valentine's Day.


david and amanda said...

That's a fabulous picture of COS grinning so big - I love it! Competition worthy, in my opinion!

CherylinMA said...

What fun! I was wondering how the kids could stand the cold without their coats zipped but now I see...You are in TX! That makes the snow even more fun!!! We actually haven't had a lot of snow this year but it is freezing all the time!
Cheryl in MA

Vera said...

Of course I love all the photos of my grandkidlets, but I also love the one of Elanor catching the snowball in her mouth! How fun!!!!!