Thursday, April 8, 2010

Our Art Days at the DMA

We began taking a monthly class at the Dallas Museum of Art this year (2010). There is usually a monthly theme in the galleries followed by a classroom time for some hands-on application.

Below are photos from our last visit, which was all about portraits.

Without looking at their paper,
they had to follow the lines & curves
of a modern bust sculpture.
They did a pretty good job, too!
JSS working on an ad campaign using
one of the pieces in a particular gallery.
Having just finished work on his
Collecting Belt Loop for scouts
(collected 10 Nerf weapons, bought
with his own money that he did not earn
from his parents...impressive, eh?),
he chose this painting with soldiers and
made his campaign about Nerf Weapons.

Waiting to share their work with the group,
which they ended up being too shy to do.

Above and Below are shots of them
working on their own portraits.

I would very much like to frame these
and hang them in the house.
I love them both...and their creators!


Vera @ Cozy Little Cabin said...

I love these too! What size are these? I have an inordinate number of frames. . . maybe the right size for these works of art?

david and amanda said...

I remember being in art class and having to recreate something without looking at what I was doing. I thought I did so well and then I looked at my artwork! Ha!

Their self portraits are great!