Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Camp Out with the Cub Scouts

Above: The tent JSS, his G'pa and Forrest erected
on Friday, which served to house G'pa and JSS

We arrived around 8:30 to the state park in order to secure all 20 sites together for our Cub Scout Pack. That left a lot of time in the day to set up our campsite, work on some badge requirements, bike, walk and just enjoy the splendor of God's magnificent creation. Not only was this a special weekend because it was my first camping experience as an adult, but it was also the weekend my mother-in-law celebrated her 60th birthday! JSS's den was very generous in providing entertainment for her around our campfire on Friday night during a Variety Show where the boys got to work on some Showman requirements at the same time. Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos. It was dark, seeing as it started at 10 PM, and you'll see from the photos on Saturday night that my skills in taking nighttime photos are still in the making. :)

Above: G'pa teaching Jesse about whipping a rope.
Below: COS riding her bike around our little cul-de-sac
while G'pa & JSS work on some Outdoorsman
requirements in the background.

Below: JSS's close up as he finishes whipping his first rope.
Below: JSS and G'pa erecting a "dining fly."
They had to do this prior to setting up the tent because
we only had one tarp large enough...and it went
under the tent. :) Unfortunately, I don't have a photo
of the finished project, but Den Chief Forrest showed
up, saw it and signed JSS's book for the work he did.

Below pics are of the Webelos 1 den working on
another Outdoorsman requirement on Saturday & cleaning up after breakfast for
all of our families! It was a very tasty b'fast!
JSS was in charge of the eggs with one of his
fellow Webelos, which they cooked in our camper,
but he also helped with the bacon at the fire pit.

Below: A shell fossil one of the Cub Scouts
found at the lake near our campsite!

9:45 AM on Saturday and the boys had already cooked,
eaten and cleaned up after breakfast; had their flag
ceremony and were back at our campsite to begin
work on their Forester badge with the Park Interpreter.
He taught them about the benefits and harm of forest
fires as well as prevention. He did a great job!

Below: Auntie and COS went for a bike ride
to explore part of the park...the paved part. :)

Saturday night, the entire Pack had a Skit & S'mores time
around a campfire where the flagpole was located.
Below, the Webelos 1 den sing about a moose,
led by Forrest, which brought the house down
with laughter!

The Pack's Cubmaster and a Boy Scout were
a huge hit as the Cubmaster did some
breakdancing while the Boy Scout provided
the "beat box" accompaniment.

Below: They were HILARIOUS!

Before the S'mores, we passed out maracas to all the kids
and everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to G'ma...
on her actual birthday! She loved it.

Then, time for S'mores!

Afterward, we headed back to our campsite
for JSS to build another fire (he was the fire-building
maestro that weekend! He is quite impressive with
his flint skills, being able to start a fire in about
three strikes! He practices at home in our fireplace.)
so that we could have hot chocolate and just enjoy
the peace and one another's company before
Amanda and David had to head back to East
Texas (a four hour drive!). We passed out
the last of G'mas cards and Amanda gave her
their gift. Forrest joined us, sharpening his
knife by the fire, and we all shared our favorite
videos from America's Funniest Home Videos.

Below: Sunday morning. I just walked around
and got a few shots of our campsite before
we broke it down to head home. I had a
magnificent weekend and first experience!
I cannot wait for the Fall!

Above: G'pa making b'fast burritos over the fire.
Below: JSS enjoying making his last fire.

Below: Truly, this man ought to be wearing a cape and
riding a white horse the way he came to the rescue this
weekend! With Simon in Chicago with our teenagers at
AWANA Summit, G'pa graciously came to be JSS's adult
male figure...and all around super-hero of our campsite!

Below: JSS trying his hand at frying eggs
for the first time over a campfire &
in oil (rather than on a cooktop with
cooking spray). One out of two were edible
to him, so that's not too shabby!

Forrest led a devotional for a short
worship time, including praise music with
another Boy Scout at the beginning and ending
with G'pa leading some hymns, prayer and very
encouraging words to the kids and to the Dads
that were present. Very touching and heart-felt.


david and amanda said...

I love your pics - especially the ones around the campfire at night - they look so good!

Love ya!

Vera @ Cozy Little Cabin said...

Ditto to what Amanda said, PLUS I love everything about the pic of Murray pouring hot water, the perspective, the steam off the cup & of COURSE the model! :)

It was a blast. . . & we're hoping to get invited again someday! I'd even be willing to try sleeping in the tent! :)

Vera @ Cozy Little Cabin said...
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Vera @ Cozy Little Cabin said...

And your nighttime photog skills are NOT too slouchy! I like the one of JSS mesmerized by the fire!