Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Museum of Nature and Science

JSS learning about pulleys and levers
from a museum educator in a class
on LEGO Simple Machines that
ended up being TOO simple for him.
(Yes, that is COS in the pink stripes.)
They had 2-3 kids share LEGOS, so
JSS was able to help his younger partner
build the machines. Everyone was a wee
bit bummed that the kids didn't each
get their own LEGO kit, but also glad
they had the chance to learn to SHARE.
JSS and COS got a kick out of the
proof that their noses were cold!

The rest are pics visiting the museum
exhibits after the LEGO class.

Below: mid-pop!

Learning about paleontology by DIGGING
up fossils (and each other!).

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