Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back to School!

Yesterday was our first day of the 2008-09 school year!  As is our custom, we celebrated in style and started early with a Back-to-School party on Sunday.  We had a very poor meal, nutritionally-speaking, passed out new school books, went school supply shopping and even had an AWANA meeting in the evening (for the big kids going to Summit in April).  We reminisced about the summer, shared what we were looking forward to the most this year and had a beautiful memory-making time as a family.   What a day!

Then yesterday the big day finally arrived...the day I had been working toward, planning for and obsessively thinking about since February!  How did it go?  (I can hear you asking that already.)   I think it went quite well for a first day of school.  I was a little shell-shocked that with all of the months of prep time & planning I still felt woefully schizophrenic switching between teaching four grade levels all throughout the day, but I suppose a measure of insanity is to accompany a venture like home schooling, so we're all good-to-go over here and still excited for the year.

My highlights from Day 1:

*beginning the day with KONOS with JSS and COS (especially the circle hunt & ornament-making for our Attributes of God tree--see photos above)!
*AMS doing so well with her Algebra I!
*JDS & AMS not trying to sneak Facebook time during school hours!
*JSS's uber-enthusiasm after the Cub Scouts meeting last night with Simon!
*Getting AMS's Geography schedule for the year completed!

Prayer Request:
Please pray for me to have a spirit of peace.  I am truly struggling minute-by-minute with that and when I am feeling stressed (ie. not peaceful) I can easily become oppressive to the kids instead of grace-filled.  PLEASE PLEASE pray with me about this.

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VPS said...

Praying that you will be aware of Jesus being right beside you, step by step, all through this day. Remember this as you are yoked to him and he helps carry the load. Of course, He ends up doing most of the carrying!