Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Four kids.

Four different grades.

Four students needing instruction time.

How do we do it?  By scheduling out the wazoo!  

Here's a glimpse into our daily schedule (at least the one we're working from right revisions having been made yet, as it's the first week of school):

7:30-8 AM  
JSS and COS have b'fast with Mom, get dressed for the day, brush teeth, read Bible, feed dogs

8 - 10 AM
JSS and COS work on KONOS with Mom in the front room, which is shut up for the morning.
If JDS and AMS wake up (they get to sleep in) before 9 AM, they come down and have b'fast quietly in the kitchen.  They work upstairs on school, wash their own clothes, do their chores.

10 - 10:30 AM

10:30- Noon
JSS and COS work on Math with Mom.  Mom is also available for JDS and AMS should they need help on any subject.

Noon - 1 PM
Lunch and Little House (We are still working through the series on DVD thanks to Aunt Angie.)

1 PM - ?
All kids finish their subjects for the day, coming and going out of parents' bedroom for help, tests/quizzes, grading, instruction as Mom tries to rest her back before dinner.

5:15 or so
Dinner prep begins

6:30 PM
Dinner (and these days, we are eating that while watching the Olympics)

8 PM
JSS and COS go to bed.  The read before Dad goes up to tuck them in and pray with them.

9 PM
AMS goes to bed.  She may read also before Dad goes up to pray with her.

10 PM
JDS goes to bed.  He reads before Dad prays with him, too.

Here is a sampling for how our weekly schedule is looking this school year:

Church in AM, AWANA in PM with Mom & Dad going on a date while kids enjoy AWANA

AMS has a weekly babysitting gig mid afternoon.
JSS attends weekly Cub Scouts meeting with Dad.

JDS and AMS go to their "drop and pay" classes.
JDS has praise band practice late, late afternoon!

COS has ballet mid-afternoon.
JDS and AMS have their discipleship groups at church in PM

JDS has his "drop and pay" class again while Mom (with Jesse and Chloe) meets her prayer partner for lunch (kids play).
AMS has a weekly lunch date with Dad.

Soccer in AM, Library after lunch, school in the afternoons

Make-up days for any work not completed during the week for JDS and AMS; Family Field Trip day; AWANA fundraising some Saturdays

NOTE:  I have not figured out when I will buy groceries for the week yet!  : )

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VPS said...

OMG - I'm exhausted just reading about your schedule - although it certainly seems like a good plan . . . just very busy!

Praying for your school year,