Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Family First!

Yesterday we went to the "drop & pay" place where JDS and AMS are taking a class each this school year to meet their teachers (well, Job's was not there--family emergency--but we met AMS's, whom we adored!) and while we were there, we got...drum roll, please...their yearbook photos taken!  This is a family first for us!  (Our co-op last year did a yearbook, but is ended up being spiral bound, photocopied books.  This place does the hardbound, glossy-paged yearbooks that you imagine when you hear the word yearbook.)   

This was made even more memorable by Joanne Mott of Agape Photography, an AWANA Mom and sweet friend of ours.  We were having so much fun that we were told we needed to keep it down (insert blush) and Joanne assured the people behind us that she was only joking around with us so severely because we were good family friends.  : )

I hope you enjoy these pics of JDS and AMS getting their first school pictures made for their first professional yearbook (yes, AMS is barefoot...and check out JDS's "guns").

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