Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Clowning Around at the Science Museum

The Circus is in town!  We've never been, mind you, but we *were* able to enjoy learning about the science behind the circus at a special presentation the Ringling Bros. clowns did at our local science museum last week.  I think it's a field trip the kids won't soon forget!  (Pictured above, four clowns in teaching mode; COS with her cousin SAF waiting patiently before the presentation began.)

And speaking of science museums, have you ever heard of the Association of Science & Technology Centers Passport Program (see  The reason I ask is that if you buy a membership to one of their member science centers then there is a reciprocating benefit for visiting all of the other centers.  What does this mean?  It means that I can buy a family membership to a science center and get in for FREE (most of the time) or at a significant discount at most ANY science center in any state and even in some foreign countries.  This is especially good news to home educators who utilize these museums to maximize the learning experiences of their children.  

Interested?  I recommend the Don Harrington Discovery Center in Texas because after researching the "best bang for the buck," this center came out on top with a family membership for only $55/year (see  NOTE:  You do not get the reciprocating benefit if you visit science centers within 90 miles of the center from which you bought your membership.  Translated, this means that if you live within 90 miles of one another, it would be to your advantage to purchase a membership outside that 90 mile radius so that you can get in free (or reduced) to any of them in your area.  You do NOT have to live in the town (or even visit that particular museum!) of the museum you decide to become a member of in order to become a member.

The same is true for zoo memberships, by the way.  But I will leave you to do your own research on that.  : )

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