Thursday, October 9, 2008

Attentiveness, Weeks 1 & 2

COS with her first experiment with sound!
(That's sugar in the air from her sweet sound waves vibrating against a saran wrapped bowl.)
JSS's first experiment with sound...and his dismay with the sugar vibrating right up into his face!  (Check out those beautiful eyelashes!)
One more experiment, this time in know, just in case we hadn't fully awakened JDS and AMS with the yelling before this last experiment before 9 AM.  :)
COS finished her very first chapter book this week!  YAY!!!
COS had a handset from a cordless phone to dismantle.  This was a hard-earned peek inside!  Those little buggers are very durably put together, trust her!
JSS nearing completion in his 2 day project of dismantling an "old fashioned" (ie. not cordless) phone, which had more than triple the amount of insides than COS's!  He is already busy recycling it into his very own robot!  :)
A lesson in teamwork during a lesson on sound.  I love this shot!

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VPS said...

OOOoo - thanks for posting! These are great!

I LOVE the sound experiements photos!

I especially love the pic of Chloe & her first chapter book. You really captured the excitement of her stellar accomplishment! What's the name of the book? I'll go back & see if I can read the title!

Good job, Grandkids & uber teacher!