Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Sampling of Completed Projects Not Previously Posted in Pictures (first 6 weeks)

Hand building with clay
From our "armature" study
JSS as our High Priest (with our life size drawing behind him) during our Tabernacle study (Honor unit).
JSS made this stellar Ark of the Covenant complete with a jar of manna, 10 commandments and Aaron's staff on the inside (Honor unit).
Inside our Tabernacle;  COS made the showbread table and altar of incense while JSS made our lamp stand (Honor Unit).  We can't wait to pull this out at Easter!
Our completed Tabernacle!  Note the fire burning in our brazen altar compliments of JSS.
JSS's painted frieze.  It is a summer memory.  Can you guess what it is???
JSS finally lost his first tooth Sunday, Sept. 28!!!   WAHOO!!!

COS entering the ear canal through our ginormous auricle.  She is 6 and can name ALL of the parts of the ear and tell you their functions!  (Attentiveness Unit)

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VPS said...

Fantastic!! Love it!!!!

JSS' Summer Memory: Fishing. With grandpa?