Friday, October 31, 2008

Celebrating People We Love!

Some birthdays we've celebrated lately for people we love:
1.  Great Aunt PJ's (two weekends in a row!)
2.  Sweet Niece Sara's (two days in a row!)

COS won in the category "Girls age 6-12" for her costume of Eve at our AWANA church the Sunday before Halloween.  :)

The kids all prepped to go celebrate Sara's b'day (day 2):
*JDS as Napolean Dynomite
*AMS as a hippie chic
*JSS as a police officer
*COS as Eve
*Sweet Sara as Sweet Sara

Here's the birthday girl with "her horse" on birthday celebration day #1 for her!  :)  She is really good on the beast!

JSS on the trail ride.  First time he's ever ridden solo.  He LOVED it!

AMS with her cousin Sara the Birthday Girl and our trail boss.

YES!  COS really did command her own horse...on the trail ride, too!  She did pretty alright, too!

Dad and JDS getting the hang of things in the corral before we headed out on the trail.  They LOVED the experience...we ALL did!  And what blessed memories we all share with Sara and her dear Mom!  This is the first birthday of hers we've gotten to attend and it was wonderful!  My sister really knows how to throw a themed party!

Celebrating (day #2) of Great Aunt PJ's b'day.  This is right after our play and it had something to do with M&M's, which is why she is holding them.

Man on the street type interview with "disgruntled teen" played to the hilt by our resident thespian, AMS!

Teen guys opinion of M&M's?  "Video games rock, man."

We had a STELLAR "night in" celebrating with Great Aunt PJ (food, fellowship, skit, games, dancing...)!  She's up for just about ANYTHING!  We love that!

At Great Aunt PJ's b'day dinner...on her actual b'day.

Great Aunt PJ with two fabulous people (my sister-in-law, Amanda, and my studly man, Simon).  :)

It's all about the birthday celebrating lately for the people we love!  What a precious time with had with them!

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