Saturday, October 10, 2009

Inquisitiveness: Earth (5 Weeks of Highlights)

Learning about the Earth with
some magnets... making (and eating) "Earthballs" for dinner...

(our magma spilled out, but our peanut core
was found in each one!)

...and learning about magma.

We learned about three basic types of soil
and did our own soil testing experiments
using a chart I found online.
The kids loved getting dirty!

Another soil testing experiment.

Eggs came in handy when we were learning
about the Earth's layers.

Some good hands-on learning about lava
with a sample of it dried, a hammer
and protective eye gear.

Learning about the largest percentage
of our planet...the ocean. This puzzle
was as tall as COS! We also read books
on Cousteau and watched videos online
about his life and accomplishments.

Making our own marine life with dough.

We learning a lot about plate tectonics.
In this shot we put together a puzzle
without knowing what it looked like and
without doing the border first. We talked
about Intelligent Design afterward.

We did several experiments demonstrating
how mountains were formed,
what causes earthquakes and how
volcanoes form new land mass.

This is another experiment with an egg,
this time dealing with plate tectonics,
volcanoes, mountain ranges and the like.
Eggs are such great instructional tools!

Perhaps their favorite activities...
making different kinds of volcanoes!
This one demonstrates an ash volcano...
and got the whole room dusty with "ash."

There she blows!!

LOVE her hair!

JSS's volcano spewed out the side and
got his square in the face! Good example
of the unpredictable nature of the beast!

More volcano experiments, this time outside.


VPS said...

Love, love, love the depth of field in the photos of them holding their globes. And really adore the one Jesse w/his food, with COS in the background.

Great photos of what looks like a super great year!

ame said...

Those look like so much fun! Excellent photography, too!

CherylinMA said...

We made earthballs last year and they were such a hit, my dd still requests them albeit without the nut center. Looks like you have done some awesome experiments!