Tuesday, October 27, 2009

State Fair of Texas, Part 2

AMS with her first place, blue ribbon winning
photo! (the one with the bike)
Grandpa and JSS sharing some
sugary yummy goodness.
Three gorgeous gals I got to hang around with all day.
And some hot studs, even if I do have
to take credit for two of their good looks!
Ah, to be little again and hauled around
lovingly by Grandpa...or Dad.
Taking in some cars at the car show.
JDS with his Grandma.
COS with me while we watched
a parade go by late afternoon.
The little ones took in some rides
around dusk while a few family members
got their thrills on the ferris wheel.
I LOVE JSS' elated face as he whizzes by!!
Jason Castro (sp?) in concert the first
night of the fair. I think he was on
American Idol, but don't know if he won.
Pack muling must run in the blood...
like father (G'pa), like son (Daddy).

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VPS said...

That was such a very, very fun day for us! Maybe can make it an annual tradition!