Tuesday, October 27, 2009


JSS and COS listening to an Urban Biologist
teach them about how to tell what lives
in an area by what we find there...
and how those animals affect the environment.
Just wanted to throw this one in
of JSS on a Cub Scout night. :)
Above and Below:
Kids are weaving mats to go under
the water bowl & the dogs dish.
Here is JSS's mat, which has been
laminated and placed under our pets'
water dish (one dog & four cats share).
Learning how to properly care for your
pets, including brushing your long-haired dog.
We let JSS and COS eat like dogs one night at dinner.
Field trip to the SPCA to learn about
all kinds of animals, their care, how
to chose the right pet for your family
and overall pet health care.
Just a little visiting after the SPCA program.
Field trip to the National Scouting
Museum, which served as a
"sneak peek" for our next study,
which begins the following week:
Above, having some fun with the Derby
Racing display, wonderfully hands-on!
Below, getting in some target practice.
There were creepy mannequins all over
the museum that spoke with us.
Freaky and did not enjoy them.
Fitness-themed game was a lot of work
and we never really got the hang of it.
But it was fun trying!
Knot-tying display was EXCELLENT
and we got the hang of four common
knots in a matter of just a few minutes!
We went behind-the-scenes at a
veterinary clinic.
Our educational consultant was
a most EXCELLENT guide to the
ins-and-outs of the office behind
the scenes.
Got to love on some newborn
kittens brought in that day.

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CherylinMA said...

Looks like an excellent study of animals and pet care. We skipped pet care when we did that unit, there was too much to choose from! But this makes me want to go back and do the pet section. LOL Nice post!