Monday, March 8, 2010

The Beauty of Home Schooling

After some thought, we have decided to be KONOS lite this semester in favor of focusing on JSS's Webelos requirements...and I am so glad we have! There is just so much to DO and LEARN as a Cub Scout! I have lamented that I could not find what I was looking for with Brownies for COS, but Cub Scouting offers so much that she could benefit from doing alongside her brother that I have finally come to the decision of doing KONOS lightly and focusing our afternoon studies more on badge requirements instead. For us, this is the beauty of home schooling...tailor-made education!

Below is a small sampling of the fun in learning that can be had as a Cub Scout (& the sibling of a Cub Scout). Fortunately, we have to take photos of JSS completing his badge requirements so we should have plenty of photos to update my blog with from here on out. :)

A lot of different activities for completing the Artist badge,
including earning the belt loop for Art
Learning about primary, secondary and even
tertiary colors with food coloring and milk
(above and below)
Putting that new-found knowledge to work
in making a variation of a color wheel.

(Re-)learning about mobiles and
making one that reflects who we are.
COS's included her favorite things like
necklaces (below)...
...while JSS's were all based on Webelos badges!
(an idea I found online)
Even big sis AMS wanted to make
an art construction...
COS's art construction projects
(a cake and a flower)
JSS's art construction was robot-like (below).
Fun with sculpting!
This little guy below reminds me of the
bird-like Wild Thing from the movie!
I love it!
These silhouettes took a couple of days
to complete, but they did a GREAT
job! First, they "modeled" for one another
by standing in front of the blank
paper hanging on the fridge. While I held a
lamp up to them to cast a shadow,
the other of them traced around it with
a pencil. It took a while to get "just right."
Then, in stage two, we all got high off the
fumes of large sharpie markers while
they filled in the outline of the
silhouette! They are gorgeous!!
Of course, we had to laminate them
in order to get the fumes out of the house
in order to display them!
COS learning about collages.
JSS learning about patterns by DOING
a patterned piece of art on graph paper.
(another idea found online)
The following are some of the Handyman badge
requirements. COS did not really take part
in these. Below, Dad is teaching JSS
how to check the oil level on one car...
....and then let him practice on the other!
He did the same with checking the tire pressure;
taught on one vehicle, let him learn by doing
on the other! What a great dad!
While he is not in many of the pics,
Simon was right there with JSS helping
him learn how to property maintain and
fix his bike, including the flat he had!

The results being very rewarding!

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