Monday, March 8, 2010

Annual Blue & Gold Banquet 2010

Back Row, l-r: JDS, AMS, G'ma, Simon, G'pa
Front Row, l-r: COS, JSS, Ericka

In February, the Cub Scouts held the annual Blue & Gold Banquet, a month which also marked the 100th anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America! Our family supplied the cakes for dessert at the banquet, giving attention to both of these grand occasions!

The Pack provided wonderful entertainment
in the form of an animal scientist coming
to teach about some animals in a very entertaining
way! Below, you can easily spot JSS wearing
his red brag vest (for earned patches).
Below, the "entertainment" made my skin crawl!
Below, this is the best shot I could get in the dark
with my camera. What is it? A scorpion that
glows in the dark!
He allowed all the scouts and their siblings
to get up close to one of his specimens (below).

What we all came for...
celebrating the accomplishments
of all of the Cub Scouts!
Below, JSS just received the envelope
containing his "badges," which are really
pins, and belt loops. He's trying to keep
his enthusiasm in check, but I think you
can see it seeping through his facade. :)
You can see a list of what he was awarded,
which actually was not all that he EARNED.
They had trouble getting a hold of
some of his belt loops, so he will
get those next time (hopefully).
Each line represents a LOT of individual
requirements all grouped together to form
the earning of one "badge." You can see
how busy JSS has been working!
Below: After JSS put his "badges"
on his uniform.
Below: JSS showing the belt loops he
has earned so far this year. Each belt
loop earned has to meet three specific requirements.
Below: JSS & his uber-proud parents
were awarded pins for accomplishments.
JSS's goes on his hat and ours goes
on our brag ribbon, which I was wearing.
Below: JSS is putting our pin for
his accomplishments on our parent
brag ribbon. :)
I love this generational picture of
G'pa, Dad, JDS and JSS.
G'ma showing her love to JSS.
She was very proud of her grandson!
Another family picture...this one, COS
is smiling, but JSS isn't quite ready.
That's just how we roll...

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Vera said...

What a great accomplishment for Jesse! And a great night! I love the pix. . . . you dun good! ;)