Monday, March 22, 2010

Safety Week 2 -- K9 Rescue Field Trip

Sit & Stay was the title of this field trip, during which a local K9 Rescue Group taught our students how to be found if lost (whether in the woods, the mall or anywhere else). It was a MOST EXCELLENT field trip and one I think we'll always remember.

JSS was front & center (newly buzzed head),
loving animals as he does.
COS was sick, so she
was unable to attend.
JSS was delighted to be picked as a volunteer
for a demonstration! What a thrill that
was for him! Below, sizing up the
competition between kid & canine.
Then, it was a race to see WHICH
could SIT first...
He received a "prize" for beating the dog.
Below, a demonstration on how to recognize
the "good guys."
Below, a demonstration on how to help
the search teams locate you. Keep aluminum
foil & a towel in your trunk. Before you
start each outing, simply put some foil on
the folded towel and get a good imprint
of your shoe's sole. Then, in the event
that you come up missing, they have an
imprint of the shoes you are wearing!
After, they let EVERY SINGLE KID
get one-on-one time with the K9's.
Below, a bookmark to remind the kids
of the rules to being found (just
one of the freebies they handed out, along
with a whistle, caribeaner, stickers...).
JSS enjoying more one-on-one time...

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