Monday, March 22, 2010

Simon turns the big FOUR-OH!

We threw a surprise birthday party for Simon's big 40th and following are random shots that I quickly took to remember the occasion by...though since a more diverse group of characters has never convened before and probably never shall again, the evening is indelibly seared into our memories...with or without photographic evidence.

Below: Guests arriving for appetizers;
Simon beginning to realize that we're
throwing him a surprise party (not
his favorite item on the menu)

The prodigy spawn of one of our guests,
whose method of greeting may be an acquired taste.
In come the in-laws...mine, that is.
Simon loved having his family here,
even if it was by surprise design.
(Note the ravenous beauty in the foreground
in her recent natural state of feeding frenzy,
ensuring that Spawn 2.0 receives adequate
nourishment to perpetuate the genes in
the above photo of the original Spawn.)

Ahhh, the Spawn incubator smiling
pretty for the camera
(or is she perhaps sending a warning,
AMS, able to calm even the most
savage of beasts. Perhaps when
she is finished with the aforementioned
incubus beside her, she can gentle
the birthday boy's own minion in front of her.
Birthday boy's little sister...
She looks up to something,
does she not?
New arrivals...

Enjoying some appetizers...

...and some conversation...

before the concert!They brought Simon up and
sang Happy Birthday to him!

After the concert,
cake and conversation at our house...
most of which was designed to "roast"
Simon, but ended up with him supplying
most of the roasting to himself!

He DOES have the best stories!

Little hostess cutting the cake
and serving.

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