Monday, December 8, 2008

1st Week of November

Busy, Busy, Busy!  Here's just a quick peek at our Predator/Prey/Tracking/Trapping Super Study week!  Enjoy!

Dad's field trip to the Bass Pro Shop Mega Store.  
They looked at all kinds of lures, traps, etc., talked to the experts 
and learned how predator's lure children, Satan lures people, etc.  
It was an EXCEPTIONAL field trip for all 4 kids.
Sacajawea & Davie least for the week.
Learning how to classify this case,
predators vs. prey and what general 
characteristics each possess.  This was a daily activity.
The kids got a kick out of Pippin classifying herself...correctly!  (See sign on table)
Just a sampling of tracks we found this week at various parks.
Can YOU figure out what made these three distinct sets of tracks?
Visiting our sweet neighbor, Ms. Pat, on our way home from 
the park on our first tracking expedition.  There were two 
loose dogs in the park and we wondered if they were some
of her little foster dogs needing to be returned to her.
COS showing off the knife she made.
JSS showing off the knife HE made.
For those who were traditionally schooled and wonder 
what it looks like on any given day to homeschool...
JSS working on an AWANA T & T project (above).
COS working in her language arts workbook (below).
JSS's trap.  He wanted to trap one of the cats
and was elated to find Pippin in his trap not too long after he made it!
Tracking/Trapping field trip at a 400+ acre park with an Urban Biologist
from one of the local state parks leading us.  It was a phenomenal learning experience 
and an most excellent introduction to our upcoming Indians/T'Giving studies!  

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