Monday, December 8, 2008

Dreams Really DID Come True...

...the weekend Dad took JSS on his long-awaited first overnight camping trip!  Among other things, they fished (many, many times!), slept in a tent (on a really cold night!), went tracking (and found some!), attended the "fireside chat" the state park sponsored, lit a LOT of fires (maybe JSS's favorite!), and pretty much roughed it Survivor Man-style...per JSS's request.  He thanked Simon all weekend long for the best weekend of his life.  :)  

NOTE:  Photos are, chronologically, in reverse order.  Sorry.

Reward for all the fishing?  Fish & Chips a la Long John Silver's on the way home.
Note how exhausted JSS looks!  He crashed on the car en route home after this dinner.
Who'd have thought you could find such color in Texas!  BEAUTIFUL!
Experimenting with the prickly pear cactus, just like Survivor Man did!
On their nature hike with guard dog, Elanor.  :)  
Simon said it was hard to tell who enjoyed the trip more, 
JSS or Elanor!  Sweet!
No fish this morning...back-up breakfast of canned beans.
Excellent tracks.  Can you identify them?
Sampling of some of the wildlife JSS enjoyed.
Fishing...literally as soon as he woke up.  He is persistent!
On their way to the "fireside chat" hosted by the state park.
In the tent, ready for bed.  Notice Elanor's leg in the upper corner near their heads.
JSS's much-anticipated dessert!  Mmmmm!  He stripped
the bark off the limb with his pocketknife in order to cook
his hot dog and this marshmallow.
JSS, the fire-starter.  Yes, that is flint he's using.
He started ALL of their fires and did a TERRIFIC job,
especially with his fire safety.
Fishing in the water in his underwear.
Inside the erected tent, a tribute to his & Simon's hard work.  :)
They had planned to make a shelter between two trees with a tarp,
but the temps that night got down into the low 40's, 
so we bought a tent last-minute (and heating blanket).
You've got to love State Park camping!


ame said...

I don't know why but I love that JSS is fishing in his underwear in the one picture - that is hilarious!

VPS said...

I have a picture of me fishing in my underwear, too! I was about 5, and fishing with my dad. All I'm wearing is a pair of panties! And my hair is long and curly like COS!

I wish I had a scanner . . . I guess it's now a family tradition! LOL