Monday, December 8, 2008


We began the Trust unit (KONOS) the first week in December by studying Deception/Illusion.  This ended up being a real favorite with us as it went deep in Scripture and gave tons of ideas for applying (ie. the fun stuff we get to do to drive home the teaching points!).  Here are a few of our favorites:

COS painting her "magic" wand.
JSS during "Masquerade Charades," 
a game where you had to dress, walk,
talk and act like the person you were
masquerading as while the players
guessed who you were.  Can you guess
who JSS is masquerading as in the following three photos???

Just to giggle-inducing not to include!  

During our History of Illusion field trip with
a local home school group.  JSS and COS
had primo spots (see photo at top)...and used their position
to desperately try to figure out how the 
magician was deceiving them!

Our week-long study culminated in a 
Smith Family Magic Show on Friday night.

Perhaps the world's most UNtrustworthy dog...
at least when it comes to food!  This is how
we found Elanor when we got home from a
5 minute errand...tangled in the full garbage bag
looking every bit the obsessed dog she is!

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Angela said...

I just laughed out loud at this last pic of Elinor...and I'm at work! I even snorted at the ones above of JSS and COS in the curly wigs!