Monday, December 22, 2008


Our last week of school before our Christmas Break was Christmas-themed, focusing exclusively on sheep.  We even chose this year's Christmas read-aloud in keeping with this theme:  A Shepherd's Prayer by Richard M. Barry.   And to conclude the week, we visited 3 live nativities with sheep, sheep and MORE sheep.  What grand memories!

The first sheep we came in contact with during
Super Sheep Week!

This fake flock was complete with fake poo on the gound behind some of them!

A shepherd keeping watch over his flock at night.  :)

Sweet little (LIVE!) lamb.  :)
Took forever for the little bugger to cooperate
so that I could get this shot!

COS admiring the sheep ornament she made.

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VPS said...

Love all the pics! Thanks for sharing your lives with us. . . I LOVE it!

Another great (and easy to read) book about sheep is, "All We Like Sheep" by Mary G Peeples. I think she was part of Southeastern? For certain she lived in Birmingham area. Too bad I no longer own the book.

Anyway - looking forward to a wonderful Christmas with all of you!!!!