Monday, May 18, 2009

AWANA Awards Ceremony 2009

Special thanks to Auntie for joining us for the kids AWANA Awards Ceremony for the 2008-09 school year.  What a blessing it was to have her there to celebrate their accomplishments this year!  Thanks, Auntie!

JSS's T & T club leading in the pledges to
the American Flag and the AWANA Flag.
COS's Sparks club entertaining us with song,
complete with hand motions.  :)
The moment AMS received her 
7th Book Award...
...and her on stage afterward for photo ops.
The moment JDS received his 9th Book Award...
(gotta love his leader's stunned expression)
...and his being placed on the floor front and center
for photo ops because of his height.  (If you look closely,
you can see our social butterfly on the back row.)
The moment COS received her Sparks
2nd Book Award...
...and photo op on the stage.  
She's so timid to be in front of people.
The moment JSS received his 
1st Book Award for T & T ...
(They start over in #'s when they
reach T & T, which is why he's getting
a 1st book award when he's actually
completed about 6 books by this point
in his AWANA history.)
...and subsequent photo op on stage.
Special recognition went to AMS for her
award-winning photo from Summit.
She was asked to bring it for display
along with her Best Of Show ribbon
and Gold Metal.  YAY, AMS!!!

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