Monday, May 11, 2009

Kings & Queens: Week 1

Week #1 of our Kings and Queens unit focused on...Kings and Queens!   Here are some photo highlights.

They both made a costume (King & Queen)
for our study, getting to do everything from picking their
own fabric to making their brooches & crowns to helping
"sew" their garments.  They had a STELLAR time doing all of this
and were hailed at the Ren. Fair by everyone that worked there, 
even though JSS chose at the last minute to go as a knight instead
of a king.  (He really dug the other knights that were there, too!)

World's best big bro helping measure and cut fabric
for the world's most adoring little bro.  :)

COS getting into the feel of her Queen's role...
possibly the Queen of Hearts by the look on her 
chastising face!  Yikes!  Where'd she learn THAT?!

JSS and COS working on their brooches 
to hold their robes on as they wore them.

At the Ren. Fair, JSS was chosen to do a live demo!
He was ELATED to learn how to use medieval weapons!

A live joust!  We were on the side that was to root
for the yellow/red knight, one that matched JSS's own colors!
(Sadly, he lost.)

JSS trying his hand at archery just like Robin Hood...

...and aiming true, just like the hero of Sherwood Forest.
(We are currently reading Robin Hood 
and they are LOVING the adventure!)

He's a winner at archery!

We spent more time in the petting zoo part than
we did doing anything else.  JSS caught chicken
after chicken after chicken while COS loved on
the plethura of bunnies available.  They LOVE animals
and these were the friendliest with whom we'd ever come in contact!

Poor girl got so hot & with the overwhelming humidity,
I took pity and let her put her costume in her backpack.  :)
I am a most benevolent dictator.

JSS trying his hand at jousting!

"Our knight" caught up with us toward the end
of our day, stopped JSS, shook hands and talked
knight stuff with our resident protector.  He stopped
JSS because they shared colors and symbols.  JSS was
a bit shy at first, but shook hands and chatted a wee bit.

COS was elated to ride a pony.  :)

Shocking me, JSS asked to do this "ride."  I let him
and this was the first thing the guy did to him.
If you can, zoom in on his face!  It is panic-stricken! 
After this particular jump, the guy asked him if he was alright to
which JSS responded, "I'm afraid of heights."  It's true, 
he is VERY MUCH afraid of heights, which is why I 
was shocked he wanted to do this so badly.  The poor
guy was shocked, too, and tried to help make it fun
for him.  But, alas, he was fine when it was over:)

The last "ride" of the day, which COS
thought too jerky and JSS got sick from riding.

AMS got to enjoy the day with a friend
and this fairy was her favorite.  I got this
shot right before we stepped up to the gate to leave... which point Dexter here blocked our way
and challenged our brave knight before he would
let us pass.  (That woman on the left is hilarious watching this unfold 
as she passes unscathed.)
We ended the week with a family fencing lesson!

AMS practicing positions

JDS gearing up

JSS and COS going at it.  They were
VERY aggressive fencers!!

Simon scoring a point on his firstborn, JDS.
I think it's a testosterone-driven thing.

AMS fencing with her father...

...after which you ALWAYS take off your helmet
and shake hands, thanking your opponent. 

JDS taking some of his aggression out on his
partner.  He really gave this guy a lickin'!

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VPS said...

Oh My! What a great unit study! Looks like they had lots of fun learning some great lessons & skills!