Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Patience Field Trip

Weather being so wonderfully rainy this spring,  we had to be patient 
for a sunnier day in which to take a class on plant growth named
"Flower Power" from our local Arboretum.  It was a field
trip with some other home schoolers from our association
and it was well worth the wait!  Here are some photos
from that trip:

Patiently waiting for the trip to begin, we decided to
make the most of it and have a picnic at a park nearby first!

JSS and COS soaking in all the information
before they got to the more "hands on" portion of the class.
JSS bee-ing "pollinated" by the teacher's pet.
Listening to the classroom instruction like
the good students they are.  :)
Who doesn't love a photo of an grossly exaggerated
eye through a hand lens??
They got to plant a sunflower before
the class was over.  These are the same
ones they transplanted on the edge of
their Patience Garden at home.
(See previous post on Patience)
We got to explore the gardens for free after our
class.  The misters came on while we were 
walking through this section...
...which reminded the kids of Jurassic Park, so
the decided to play like dinosaurs were after them.
Check out JSS's flower goatee.  It was his specimen
from the class.  No flowers were picked/harmed
in the making of this merriment.
As soon as they saw the teepee in the pioneer village
section, they were off and running!  They loved our
Native American study last Fall.  :)
It was dreadfully HOT and HUMID this
day, so we sought shade where we could find it.
The water wasn't so bad at cooling us off, either!
Down was C O L D!!!

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VPS said...

Oh gardening . . . I'm so glad my grandkidlets enjoyed learning about plants & plant life.

Bring them here for a hands-on time w/earthworms, lady bugs & butterflies! Oh so many butterflies.

Glad they love learning about God's fabulous nature.