Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kings & Queens: Week 2

This week we learned about castles and castle workers...and had the BEST TIME!  

After reading many books, we laid out a simple
pattern for a castle.  (FYI, we learned that
in order to qualify as a genuine castle, there
has to be a keep & a wall.  Ours were made out
of flower boxes and rolled up sleeping bags.)
Next, we began constructing a castle in detail.
Here JSS is cutting the top of the keep, which
I later turned inside out so that the writing on
the box didn't distract.  You can look for that in later photos.
Here is our keep surrounded by our protective walls, 
complete with a gate house & drawbridge.
This is going to be a project we keep adding to as
our study progresses, so check back for updates.  :)
On Thursday, we learned that oftentimes
the only glass would be in the windows of
the castle chapel, so we visited several
local churches to learn about stained glass
(as well as an online field trip watching
How It's Made: Stained Glass on youtube).
One of our fav's at a local Methodist church.
When we got home, Simon very sweetly
took over making dinner so that we could
make our own version of "stained glass"
for our castle's chapel.

And then installed those beauties.
Last thing we did this week was make our castle
exterior complete by making faux brick.

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