Monday, February 23, 2009

Cub Scouts Blue & Yellow Banquet

Saturday night was JSS's Cub Scout Blue & Yellow Banquet...meaning a celebration for the yearly b'day of Scouting in America (I think.).  We are so proud of all that JSS is accomplishing in Cub Scouts this year and he is enjoying the experience with his Dad immensely!

Lifetime Eagle Scout (Is that right?)
Congressman Pete Sessions served as
the banquet's special speaker. 
He is a VERY nice man, too!

JSS receiving awards he's earned!
More awards!  This time, parents were asked
to get on stage with their kids.  I think it was
a "rank award," but I confess I am not well-schooled
in the vernacular of the Boy Scouts of America, nor
in their customs...yet.  :)  I was just super-proud of my manling!
Showing off his newly awarded patch!

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