Saturday, February 21, 2009

Soccer least for a day!

The soccer coaches having a new baby at the beginning of the year, we've been soccer-less...up til this point!  We have a fill-in coach for the littles to play and a volunteer for this one day only for the big kids.  We pray he is willing to continue until the regular coaches can return because we had a BLAST out in the sun enjoying the exercise and company of some great home schooling families.

COS does not like soccer, so she
plays at the park next to the soccer field.
Swinging is her absolute favorite!
I could not get a shot of AMS without
her being in a throng of guys!  She was one
of the few girls who were not afraid to get into the game.
I was super proud of her initiative in the athleticism dept. today!
(Look at those long limbs!  She almost looks to be modeling!)
Our favorite shot of JDS playing.  
It was really rough out there today!
JSS in the middle of his (and many others) pursuit!
(He is roughly in the middle with a white shirt, head
just behind the kid with the white ball cap.)


VPS said...

Love all the pix, but especially the one of JDS . . . it's most EXCELLENT!

Angela said...

LOOOVVVEEE that pic of Job...way cool action shot.