Saturday, February 21, 2009

Seasons/Calendar (Orderliness Unit)

Accomplishment of the week: 
COS tied her shoes (successfully!) 
for the first time all by herself!!!!!

The rest of the learning really paled 
by comparison, but we'll share anyway.

COS figures out the complexities
of the DOING it.
Here, JSS is giving me a look like, "Seriously?"
when I shared with him how to spell FebRUary.
On our Winter day, we made pine cone bird
feeders to hang outside to feed the birds.

We also made snowflakes, which now
decorate the kids' bedroom walls.
Our longest project...
making a sundial, which took ALL DAY LONG.
It works, too!  We used it the next day to tell time!

We had a special tea time on Thursday afternoon.
Simon took JDS and two of his friends to a college
day a few hours from here, so we had tea, read
some in our read-aloud book and had
a great time (AMS and me) introducing
tea time to JSS and COS, who've not really
grown up having it like JDS and AMS did.
Here, COS is definitely NOT enjoying the flavor 
of the tea BEFORE adding honey.  :)
AMS read aloud to us from
Pippi Longstocking.  That girl
is a hoot!  She had tea in what we'd
read the night before, which is what
gave us the idea to follow suit this afternoon.
An experiment we did in the 1/2 bath 
(no window in there) while learning about the seasons.

Interesting fact, your shadow is LONGER
in the winter than in the summer.  Can you guess
why?  A clue is given in this photo, where JSS
is the sun and COS is providing the spin for our Earth.

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VPS said...

I apologize right off for this being such a long post.

Firstly - YAY for COS successfully tying her shoes! Way to go, COS! AND, has some of the curl come back, now that her hair is shorter???

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the bird feeders! And am totally smitten with the paper snowflakes. MG's kidlets used to make them for me . . . unfortunately they grew up & I literally wore out the old ones.

The sun dial looks WAY cool & it looks as if they really enjoyed the project.

BTW - answer: the sun is lower in the sky, which produces longer shadows. What do I win? LOL