Saturday, February 21, 2009

V'Day Scavenger Hunts!

The big kids went on a Scavenger Hunt with their AWANA group at a not-so-local outdoor mall.  It is the kind that is built around a "town square" with businesses up and down a lot of side streets, though it is not old.  It's a new mall, just modeled around the old small-town theme.  

Since they were going to be occupied dinner through after dark, Simon and I decided to take JSS and COS to dinner and let them have their OWN Scavenger Hunt.  They had a BLAST!  (Side note, my sister had sent us a coupon for a buy one-get one free dinner at TGI Fridays earlier in the week.  We used that coupon, shared a meal with our "date" and the four of us at for $8--pre-tipping!!  This being a year we've decided to live as frugally as possible, I was elated!)  

After dinner, we began the Scavenger Hunt with them, looking for things such as cupid, a sign with red on it, a stuffed bear, hearts, a couple in love, etc.  It was made especially fun because we had no idea how competitive the two of them were!  And they were on the same team!  With no opposing team!  (?)  It was hilarious!  We spotted JDS and AMS at various points in the evening and they looked to be having ALMOST as much fun as we were.  :)

JDS ran across the street to get
all of our signatures on his arms.
His scavenger hunt was about 1/2 through
at the point, but ours was just beginning.

AMS with one of her AWANA peeps in front of 
the pizza joint at which their group met for dinner.

We LOVE COS's enthusiasm in spotting something
from the scavenger hunt list Simon is holding.

JSS sporting the red sunglasses that were on the list.

Having found all but three items, we treated
JSS and COS to dessert at an ice cream parlor.
JSS and AMS were finished with their hunt,
JSS's team winning by a narrow margin.
Winners were bought dessert at the Toll House
store, but the adult chaperone for AMS's group
took pity on her team and bought all of them dessert, too!

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