Friday, February 6, 2009

The Greatest Generation

Life lessons are some of the hardest.  We went through this particular class again this past week when Simon's beloved grandfather ("G'pa Post") went to be with the Lord on Friday, January 30, 2009.  He had lived over 90 years, the past 66 with his beloved Elsie.  He served in two wars, raised two kids and lived the life we all want.  He truly was a part of the greatest generation and he shall be missed sorely by all of us he leaves behind.

Smith Family Tradition:
the family begins the burial process
by taking turns (JDS below)
Military Burial:
enough to bring the stoutest of
hearts to tears

We shall miss you, Grandpa Post.
Rest in Peace with the Saviour.


ame said...

Thanks for posting these pics - they are perfect!

VPS said...

It's official: you are most definitely my most favorite photo-journalist! You did a great job & I can't wait to see more!!!!

Thanks so very, very much - from the bottom of my heart.

Mimi said...

VPS sent me this site so I could see the pictures you took at Mr. Post's service. You did an excellent job, brought me to tears.

I also loved looking at your homeschool pictures, you do a great job with the kids and it brings back fond memories of our own homeschool days, although I think you are way more organized than I was. Keep up the good work.