Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"Ghosts" of Christmas' Past, 2006

For a couple of years, Angie hosted a big get-together a couple of weeks before Christmas for my sister's family that lives in OK, her own family and ours. They were STELLAR memory-makers for us, especially since our kids did not grow up around cousins. Here are some photos from one of those years, 2006. (Most of our photos, by the way, will be after we got a digital camera.)

Youngest sister (yours truly) and oldest (Lynda)

AMS wrote & produced a Christmas play staring
the cousins of the girlie persuasion. :)

My sister, Angie, insists she can hold her own against
our brother-in-law, Joe, lifetime military. Here
is one of the photos of them goofing off, which
I find hilarious!

Joe has a heart of gold. He loves his family fiercely
and is genuinely pleased to be able to serve them
in some way. This particular year, he did all
of the dishes with me after lunch, put together
an entertainment center with Simon that Angie
had bought and was a great, loving uncle to the kids!
Chloe, especially, enjoys Uncle Joe.

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Angela said...

yes, and right after you snapped this pic was when Joe threw me down!